Crafting With K

Having three girls is so much fun! They’re all so different and its always a blast watching them learn and figure out what they really love to do. K is my oldest and she loves to craft with me!

I love to craft with her too, but it can be hard because she wants to go as fast as I do and sometimes doesn’t slow down to really learn what she needs to be doing. (I am exactly the same way so I often have to go back and relearn things I have been doing subpar in the past.)

This week is teacher appreciation week at K’s school and so I decided we would try our hand at crafting together again. Her teachers favorite animal is an elephant so today we tried making her an elephant pillow.

I freehand drew a pattern (which is probably where we went wrong to begin with!) and drew it out on freezer paper. K picked out the materials she wanted to use and we got started. Once it was all cut out and pinned I let her go at it with my sewing machine and then she stuffed it up. I made a quick tail and closed up the back.

K loves it and it’s cute enough for a 6 year old gift to her teacher but I’m not sure how much it really looks like an elephant.

Sometimes the things we make aren’t as important as the time we take to make them. I know that K learns a little more every single day and maybe her “elephant” isn’t perfect but it’s made with love.

In the future I know that K won’t need my help with making her skirts and toys, she’ll have learned what she can from me and maybe be showing her little sisters a few tricks. For now I’ll cherish the moments that she wants to sit with me and make gifts for her friends and family. I’ll enjoy these moments where she listens intently to all I tell her and earnestly desire to learn all I am saying.



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