Summer Fun

As the school year slowly comes to an end (or more accurately rushes at me like a steamroller) I am getting excited for my summer ahead. This year I won’t only have my three awesome girls but I will have my friends three amazing boys hanging out with me so we’re going to have a full house!

My back yard is all set up and the pools are ready to be filled (once my husband mows the lawn lol). The sandbox has been filled with toys that probably should never have been brought outside and the freezer is loaded with ice pops. I live a very short distance from a park that is about to reopen and I am ready for the fun to begin!


Since the inside of my house has been staying clean since I got rid of all the toys (yes I’m mean) the majority of our time will be spent outside or on our porch. We have everything we need now it just needs to be summer already!

K has only 2 more shirts hanging in her closet for school. TWO MORE DAYS! I think I might be more excited than her! The rest of her uniforms have been washed and put up so they don’t accidentally get destroyed during the summer (my kids are like ninjas when it comes to destroying things) and her bathing suits are all washed and ready to go!


One of my girls favorite things to do outside is pretend to garden. We just got them an awesome set to use since their old ones got brittle in the hot Florida sun. They use their shovels and rakes to help daddy do his work and to just play in the sandbox. I like them having outside toys because it makes them want to be OUTSIDE.


I grew up and spend 98% of my time outside, in Florida, so I know that it’s not a mean thing to do. I LOVED my childhood. We built forts out of fallen branches in the yard and looked for different bugs. I think just simply being left to explore on my own was the greatest thing in the world and most outdoor toys that I get tend to foster creativity.


I know this summer we’ll undoubtedly have days where the weather just isn’t conducive with being outside and I have movies and games for those days but what kid would rather be inside in front of a tv than playing? Not mine.

We plan on taking day trips to the springs when my husband isn’t working and hunting for shark teeth on the beach (I’m a clear winner at this game!). We’ll spend lazy evenings in the pool and let the girls camp in the back yard.


I am so excited to watch my kids grown and learn this summer! Now if only I could get K to want to homeschool as much as I do…



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