Yes, They’re All Mine…

IMG_7193.JPGSo I don’t know about you guys who have more than one kid, but my kids don’t all look identical. Sure, they have lots of similarities and they will make the same stink face at me when they’re being boogies but they all have their own characteristics too.

For those who know me personally K & L could be twins if it weren’t for the five year age gap. M on the other hand is our blond beauty. She was our tiniest baby and continues to be our little peanut. She also just so happens to be our spitfire! She doesn’t stop going until bedtime and will often get “ouchies” multiple times a day.

I have three girls but they are not all the same. I’m sure any mom with multiple kids can attest to this.

That brings me to my annoyed rant. Why does it happen that every time I go shopping with all three of my kids do I get asked if they’re all mine?!

Who is shopping with other people’s cranky kids?!?

I get the M is blond and me and the other girls are brunette but I should not have to qualify my kids with our genetic background to strangers. Do I really need to tell them that she looks like my husband? Do I need to explain to anyone that my husband was a blond when he was a kid and my hair was much lighter then too?

But let’s just let that sit for a minute and think about a hypothetical, what about the mom who has adopted her little miracles? Why should they be asked to explain their family to anyone? Just because our kids may not carry the same genetics as us doesn’t make them any less ours!

In my case they are all mine. TRUST ME! If I was shopping with a cranky booty who was making a fuss you wouldn’t have to ask, I would be sure to let you know it wasn’t mine! Nope, I have a hard enough time shopping with my kids so I try not to bring other random kids with me to stores.

I don’t know if you’ve ever met a kid if you’re asking me if they’re all mine. Kids ask for everything. And they aren’t picky. They’ll ask a stranger for a toy if they think they’ll get it. So shopping with kids is a special kind of torture that parents are forced to endure. The constant asking for toys and snacks and anything shiny they may see.

I have fixed a lot of this with my girls because they know we’re not buying any toys until we’re being responsible for everything we have. But kids don’t have a filter so shopping with them is like walking across a field of landmines. You never know when they’re going to see something that will cause them to blurt out potentially rude and embarrassing comments.

So yes, when I go shopping they’re all mine. All three gorgeous girls who look and act so different all came from the same mommy. Trust me no one else is taking them shopping and I’m not borrowing kids to go get my groceries either!

Its not like I had a huge number either, three is kind of a normal number for kids. When I have my next kids asking might be more justifiable but still NOT OKAY.

If you see someone in a store shopping with kids smile, say something nice but let it go at that. Don’t question another mother about her family, at best it comes across as intrusive and at worst its rude!


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