Do Good Dollars

A while back I wrote about how I took away all my kids toys and it has been awesome. I’m taking the time without all the chaos to teach my kids how to take care of what they have and to be nice to each other.

About a year ago a friend from church told me about the book Parenting with Love and Logic and I found the one for early childhood. This book is amazing! It completely changed the way I parent and it took my crazy not listening middle child and changed her into my best listener today!

The main premise of the book is teaching kids to make good choices. I give my girls lots of easy choices during the day, like would you like to play in the pool in the back yard or draw with chalk on the front porch? They are given a little control over their day and I’m okay with either thing they do. When they don’t listen there are consequences and they learn from their mistakes. The idea is to let them make mistakes when the consequences are small rather when they get older and the consequences are exponentially bigger.

The point of this post was not a book review, I swear! But seriously that is the best book I’ve ever read for parenting and it has changed the entire atmosphere of my house!

The point of the post was to tell you guys about this awesome idea I have to reward the kids and give them a chance to earn back some of their toys that are hidden in my bedroom.

I made some DO GOOD DOLLARS. They aren’t anything fancy, they’re index cards we colored on and then I laminated. The girls can earn them by doing more than what is expected of them normally. They aren’t getting any for keeping their room clean because that is something they need to do and they shouldn’t expect to be rewarded. However, K does the kitty litter and she gets 2 do good dollars when she does!


The girls can then take their dollars and buy stuff. One dollar will get them a sticker, which to me is a rip off but M loves her stickers! Two dollars and they can get one article of clothing for their baby doll (K earned them back at the end of the school year with NO BAD DAYS all year!!). Then for 5 they can pick a small toy and from there it goes up depending on what they want to get back.

I started this as a bit of a joke. I mean, its an index card, but these girls go crazy for them. K got 5 the other day for cleaning up the yard before her daddy went to mow it. M got them for cleaning the bathroom (which I had to redo later but she seriously gave it her best shot).

They also work as a consequence. If they aren’t listening at night or they’re fighting I simply ask for a dollar and they turn things around real quick!

When I saw how much they loved the idea I was a bit uncertain how long it would work because they would earn back their toys and then stop caring but they really like the idea of no toys. When they earn their do good dollars they opt to buy the stickers or ice pops or baby clothes. M did have her doll taken last night for not taking care of it but she doesn’t seem to be in any rush to get her back.


I feel like I finally found a method that my girls ALL love and its just in time for an amazingly fun summer!


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