It’s My Birthday!

Remember when you were a kid and you got so excited for like a month leading up to your birthday? You would drop not so subtle hints about the various things you wanted everyone to get you and straight up begged for the best birthday party ever.

It’s weird how that changes as you get older, and not necessarily getting older as much as having kids. I can remember one of my very best birthday’s was going out with my capoeira group and just partying all night. I don’t really do that anymore…

Now birthdays are fun for different reasons. My kids get so excited for my birthday. They don’t care so much about it actually being my birthday as do about eating cake and getting to bake things.

There are no balloons and extravagant gifts but there are lots of kisses and snuggles.

We won’t have a piñata (although my girls wish we would) and nobody is going to count high enough to have an accurate candle count lol but we’re going to have such a fun day anyway.

Our morning will be spent enjoying the beautiful weather at the pool, then we’ll probably eat ice cream for lunch (because it is my birthday!) and then just enjoying the hammocks in the back yard.

So yes, birthdays change as you get older, and we can pretend to dread getting older, but I cherish every single day that I get to be the mom to my beautiful girls. So my birthdays aren’t just about me and what I get, but they’re about me and the love that I can give to my little miracles!

Hope everyone enjoys my birthday!


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