Summer Fun

Summer is such a magical time of year. There is new wonder in every day and as a kid the days seem to last forever.


My husband and I love to take our girls on fun adventures. We love to watch the excitement in their eyes as they experience new things. So taking the three girls canoeing for the first time was awesome!


When K was younger we took her kayaking a few times in the springs but we feel like a canoe is much safer with kids. When my husband’s friend offered to lend us him we were thrilled.


For the first time in forever I went canoeing!


We went to one of our favorite springs and we took the canoe out.


The girls had a blast gliding through the crystal clear water and looking for wildlife. We saw turtles and fish and lots of pretty birds. We also saw two alligators.


There is something so special about showing your kids the hidden beauty in everything around them. We are so lucky to live in a place where we have so many amazing places to go and explore!


The girls loved splashing in the cool water after we got back to dock the canoe and we had an absolutely amazing day together.


These are the things that the girls will remember when they get older. They won’t remember if we didn’t get them the most toys but they will remember all that we did together!


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