Making Things

I have been distracted and busy lately.

I find that I get swept up in the moment and forget about social media. It’s hard when you’re trying to run a business page or keep up with a blog but at the end of the day my kids will remember the time I spent with them not my online presence.

We have been enjoying the end of our summer break and its bitter sweet. We’re trying to cram all the fun we can into such a short time. I have tried to convince K we should try homeschooling but she loves her school so much and I love it too.

The girls and I have been doing lots of extra crafting. We all made potholders. It was the first time M used the sewing machine with me and K did it ALL by herself!


I’ve also been working on making clothing for the girls and I’m super proud of the latest dresses I made for them!


We’ve run errands with my mom to try and help with her home renovations. No matter what we do with my mom the girls have a blast since they adore her.


And since we live in Florida we’ve been experiencing our afternoon rainstorms again recently. With the girls having a TON of energy they haven’t been able to run off outside we had to adapt.

So I made the girls some superhero capes and let them act crazy in the living room. They pretended they could fly as they jumped into blanket piles on the floor, thankfully none of them got hurt!


And then of course it was time to get some stuff done for the new school year so I whipped up some pencil cases for K to use at school.


On top of all of that we tried our hand at cake decorating and made some cookies to bring to the neighbors.

There is something really special about connecting with the people close to you and teaching your children not to take them for granted. Unfortunately we made cookies for a diabetic so we’re clearly not perfect yet and will need to have a redo for her.

As you can see, we’ve been super busy but we’ve also had a ton of fun. I am loving every second of being these little girl’s mom. I love to teach them new things and then watch their eyes light up when they finally get it!


When they school year starts up again my days will be more structured and maybe I will be too, no promises. But I will be sure to come and do updates since I’m absent from Facebook for the most part these days.

Thanks for checking up on us, and if you want me to try and make something new let me know because I’m having a blast playing around with my AMAZING new sewing machine!


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